What is Mobile Connect

Mobile connect is a secure way of authenticating user via mobile phone using their unique mobile number and combined with unique pin for more secure use cases.
This concept of authenticating users via mobile number was introduced by GSMA
which allows users to log in without need of user name and password.

Mobile Connect Flow

How does it work ? - Source: https://developer.mobileconnect.io/

Mobile connect Technical Overview 

Technical overview - source: https://developer.mobileconnect.io/

  1. End user clicks on Mobile Connect button to access service
  2. Application requests end user operator details from the Discovery service
  3. Discovery responds with the operator details
  4. Application makes an authentication request to the end user operator, using OpenID with Mobile Connect profile
  5. Operator sends authentication request to end user
  6. End user authenticates themselves using their mobile device
  7. A PCR specifying a specific end user is returned
  8. Access granted

Why Mobile connect ?

  • Simple - No more username and password
  • Private - No personal information is shared, We log through social media accounts instead of using username and password, However, many people are increasingly worried about how much personal information such log-ins need and share, and whether that information will be used without permission. With Mobile Connect, no personal information is made available to the website or app you’re logging into without your consent.
  • Secure - Again no passwords you authenticate via your mobile device.
This is a very summarized blog post on mobile connect, Go ahead and find more about on mobile connect.