Introduction To waffle and Github Issues


Waffle is a project management tool for dev teams that uses GitHub data as the primary source of record. Manage your projects alongside your code for free at

Getting started

  1. Login to waffle with your github account at

  2. Click to Add project Button it will display you current GitHub repositories, add a project by clicking on them.Go to your board.

  3. Then you will be directed to a waffle board

Creating Issues

  • Issues are the tasks to do or planned to do in your projects or in communities.Waffle users can add issues through GitHub Issues or directly from waffle board.

  • To add a new Issue click on Add issue icon, then you will ask to enter tile,description,assignee and labels.

  • Members can comment on issues in the comment section.


  • Labels are help to categorize the issues.We can give a color and name to a label, so it's easy to identify to which category they are belong to.

  • You can create labels from the relevant GitHub repository which waffle board is sync with.


  • Assignee's are the members who are contributing to a project or to a community.

  • You can Assign members for issues depending on the requirements.
Waffle workflow is simple, it'a great way to organize work in your teams or communities.

For Further Reference