Making Sublime Awesome


Install Package Manger

To get Started first of all we need to install the package Manager ,Follow the below link and install the package Manager for the sublime text

Install Sublime text Package Manager


Screenshot (123) Theme: Material - Theme color_scheme - Facebook.tmTheme"

There are many attractive themes available for sublime,for this post and my personal favorite theme is The Material Theme

To install any theme or any package just press ctrl+shift+p open the package Control,type install package and search for Search the package name or the theme name

Install Material Theme for sublime

Use the Colorsublime package to manage your color_scheme,Material theme usually match with the facebook color theme

If you got any trouble with this setting up i recommend you to follow this free course on codecourse

Screenshot (124) Theme : Seti.sublime-theme color_scheme : Brogrammer

Best Packages
  • Emmet
  • DocBlockr
  • Git
  • GitGutter
  • Blade syntax highlighting
  • Twig package
If you want some more information on Sublime Text Visit the sublime text documentation Thank you