Hi, I'm Rajith Konara. A computer science graduate with over 5+ years of experience as a software engineer with enthusiastic about programming, Devops practices, passionate about volunteering and an Open Source Lover. I'm mostly working as a backend software engineer with technologies like java, spring boot, microservices, event driven microservices, Rest API's, AWS, kafka, etc. 
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BSc in Computer Science 
University College Dublin Ireland affiliated with National School of Business Management .

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer 

Grubtech | December 2020 - Present 
Working on Restaurant domain following event driven microservice architecture.
Technology stack: Java, Spring boot, Mongodb, kafka, CircleCi, AWS, Redis

Senior Software Engineer 

Swivel Group | December 2019 - December 2020 
Worked on building backend services from scratch with microservice architecture.
Technology stack: Java, Spring boot, Mysql, Redis, AWS

Senior Software Engineer 

Apigate | Apir 2019 - December 2019
Worked in Apigate Analytics team which provides ELK stack based analytic solutions. 
Technology stack: Java, ELK stack, WSO2

Software Engineer 

WSO2 Telco | July 2018 - April 2019
  • Worked in R & D team which I involve in upgrading the base product to compatible with wso2 API Manager 2.5.0 
  • Worked in the WSO2Telco manage service team which directly interact with the customer fixing and troubleshooting issues on production Environments. (On-premise and cloud(Hosted in AWS kubernetes cluster setups))

Trainee Software Engineer 

WSO2 Telco | August 2017 - July 2018
  • Involved in revamping WSO2telco manage (API-Manager Extension) which written in WSO2 jaggery to Angular 2.
  • Deployed a POC on-premise deployment setup to a Brazil based telco company. - WSO2Telco product development including new features and bug fixes. [Wso2telco Hub, External Gateway, Internal Gateway, WSO2 API Manager, WSO2,WSO2 ESB/EI, WSO2]

Software Engineering Internship

WSO2 Telco | February 2017 - August 2018
  • Contributed in building WSO2 Telco sandbox which build to stimulate mobile operator to test telco API’s (SMS, USSD, Location, Payment) 
  • Worked with WSO2 API Manager, ESB, WSO2 synapse and REST Services

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